Hi! I'm Isabel, a recent college grad who is trying to navigate her way through figuring out this whole adult thing. I grew up in Maryland and after attending school in Georgia have decided to plant some roots in ATL. A digital marketing strategist by day, I enjoy spending my spare time scrolling Instagram, eating Mexican food and hanging on the couch with a glass of wine and Netflix on TV. 

I truly feel that if queso is an option, you are doing yourself a disservice by not ordering it. Will Ferrell once fed me a meatball on Jimmy Fallon - on live, national television. It will always be my fun fact and I take any excuse to tell the story. I tend to laugh at my own jokes because I personally think I am hilarious. And lastly, I tend to use the phrase "treat yo self" way to often, but simultaneously have absolutely no shame.

If I am being totally honest, one of the reasons I started this blog is to help justify my ridiculous shopping habit. I figured if I tell others about the things I buy, throw in a some helpful tips, and give a little advice, then it is totally fine. Right? Not sure if that is true yet, but I keep shopping, so it must be working just a tad. 

I am a total believer that when you look and feel good about yourself, you enjoy your days that much better and are even more capable of amazing things. I hope this little space on the internet offers you ways and advice on how to feel totally incredible about yourself and indulge in all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

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