Sunday, September 24, 2017

Product Round-up: Glossier

Glossier is a cult favorite brand. Everyone loves it, Refinery29 raves about it and it is run by a mega girl-boss. What isn't to love? I decided to order a few products a while back and give it a go. I only have two beauty products and some skincare, but I am 100% impressed.

I ordered the Serum Super Pack, Boy Brow and Cloud Paint blush. I love all of them. The skincare is amazing and the beauty products are perfect for easy weekday make-up.

The Serum Super Pack has three different serums in it for $65. This is a great deal seeing as each individual serum is $28. In the pack you get Super Bounce, Super Pure and Super Glow. Super Bounce is perfect for easing tight and dehydrated skin. I love using this when I travel and when my skin is feeling like it needs some extra moisture. Super Pure is great for breakouts. I always gravitate towards this one when my skin is acting up. It really helps clear everything up! Then there is Super Glow. This just really helps when your skin is feeling dull. I put it on at night and wake-up with skin that looks like it is glowing from within.

The Cloud Paint blush in Dusk is amazing. It is essentially a lightweight liquid blush that blends like a dream. I throw this on in the morning and my skin looks alive and has just enough color. It blends so wonderfully and is great for those "no-makeup" days (which is me everyday). 

Lastly, is Boy Brow. I swear this is the product that started it all. I am pretty sure there used to be waiting lists for this stuff and I totally see why. It is such a great brow product. I love filling in my brows and making them look full. This product is so natural - it adds color and makes my brows appear fuller. Again, this is the perfect "no-makeup" brow product.

I am excited to try out some more products from Glossier as these were such a hit!

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