Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Summer Wedding Attire

Summer might be coming to an end, but wedding season is still in full swing. Dressing for weddings can be tough - especially in the summer. The summer opens up to so many different options and types of weddings. Indoor weddings, outdoor wedding, cocktail attire, black tie, barn weddings and everything in between. Not only do you have to dress yourself for weddings, but you typically have to also help dress your man. 

I am not one that is great at shopping for specific events. Whenever it comes time for a wedding or event I can never find what I am looking for. I always pick up a few dresses throughout the year that I love so I know I have them on hand when an invitation finds it's way into my mailbox. I have found a few dresses that I think would be perfect for all types of weddings and attire requirements. I also found some amazing and practical shoe options that you can mix and match with these dresses or the rest of your wardrobe (cause no one wants to buy shoes to only wear once).

One thing I love about summer weddings is that you can easily pull of bright colors and fun patterns. A great mid-length dress in a colored lace or nice fabric is always a great option for a wedding. You could easily wear this for a cocktail dress requirement, a daytime wedding or with the right jewelry and shoes - a black tie wedding. In the summer I think it is totally understandable to not do a floor-length gown for black tie. It is hot, there is a likelihood you could be outside and it is so easy to dress up a lace dress! I also love a good maxi dress in a deep hue. I think jade is a great transition color for summer into fall. You can also totally dress this up or down depending on the dress code. I love how it is so easy to wear flat sandals with a maxi dress and no one will ever know! Definitely a great option for an outdoor wedding. 

Then there is a fun pattern dress. I love a good pattern dress because it makes it so easy to style. All you need is simple shoes and minimal accessories. The gold foil throughout this dress makes it perfect for cocktail attire, but the fun color is just perfect for the end of summer. Lastly, there is this amazing pink off-the-shoulder dress. It is simple, flowy, will stay on while dancing and just perfect for a wedding. 

Now I think shoes are such an important thing to think about when planning your outfit for a wedding. If you are going to be outside (possibly in the grass) you do not want to be in heels. They are hard to walk in, sink in mud and the last thing you want is a rolled ankle. Flat sandals are the perfect way to go. They are super cute and perfect for dancing. Now, if you are anything like me you always opt for a heel when you get dressed up, that doesn't mean it can't be sensible. A nice chunkier heel or wedge is perfect because it adds support but also gives you height. 

Now on to the fun part - dressing your plus one. Men can be tricky to dress for a wedding, but when there are places that exist, like Bonobos, it is a total walk in the park. Their clothes have the best fit, are comfortable, versatile and will make your man look awesome. Talk about having the hottest date at the wedding!

One thing I love about their dressier items is you don't have to go splurge on a suit that will only get worn a few times a year. You can get mix and match pieces that can be used for work, special occasions or date night. 

Dressing your man for a wedding can be so hard - especially during the summer. They always get hot and the last thing they want to do is put on a jacket, tighten their tie and sit in the sun. I think it is totally acceptable for summer weddings to go sans jacket. That is of course unless it is black tie. Always wear a jacket for black tie, guys. But anyway, I love these outfits I put together because you could totally switch them up and add a coat if need be. 

First of all, I love a good khaki pant. These are amazing. The color is perfect and not as light as your typical khaki pant. I love khakis paired with a blue and white stripe button-down. This outfit is also perfect without a tie for a more casual summer wedding that may be outside. I also love a good pair of blue pants. I don't know what it is but every woman should get her man a nice pair of blue pants. I personally think blue pants look awesome with a white shirt - it really lets the pants pop. One of my favorite things a man can do, though, is wear a fun tie. Bonobos has the most amazing patterned tie selection ever. This blue floral print tie is perfect with the white shirt and blue pants. You could also easily pair this with a nice blue jacket and totally be dressed up more for the ceremony. 

Lastly, the shoes. I feel like finding great shoes for men is so much easier than women. They just need a black pair and a brown pair. I'm sure many guys I know would beg to differ, but it's true. I think a great brown, oxford-style shoe is perfect. They are so versatile and can be worn with anything. I think the oxford-style adds a little bit more of an edge than just a plain dress shoe. 

I hope this has prepared you for any upcoming weddings you may have, or now you won't even have to think about it next time an invite has your name on it!


Floral Image Source: Style Me Pretty

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