Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

I always go back and forth between using single eyeshadows and using palettes. If you are anything like me, you love the convenience of a palette but struggle with never finding one that has exactly all the colors you want. I always love some of the colors, but then there are some I would never touch. If I am going to spend the money on a palette, I want to know I will use all of the colors! Over the past year I have finally come across some awesome eyeshadow palettes that have answered all my prayers. Even though these all have neutral colors, I like them for different reasons. I definitely do not think you need ALL of these, but I have somehow justified in my head that they all serve a different purpose. 

In my quest to find the best eyeshadow palettes I have accumulated quite a few favorites. Even though these six options are all neutral, they all vary from one another and I use them for different reasons. Keep on reading to see what I love about each one!

ONE // Naked Basics
The Naked Basis palette is perfect for an easy and simple eye look. It has five matte colors with one color that has a slight sheen. The colors in this palette definitely lean towards being on the warmer side. I love taking the medium brown color all over the lid, using the darkest color as liner and then highlighting with one of the light colors. It is great for travel and a simple makeup look for work. 

Of course when the second Basics palette came out, I had to try it. The colors in this palette definitely have a cool tone but are super versatile - which I love. Again, this palette is perfect for travel and is no fuss for an easy look. I am a huge fan of matte shadows and this has a great range of light to dark shades. 

I decided to pick this up during the last Sephora sale when I really began this search for the perfect neutral eyeshadow palette. I hadn't heard much about this palette, but loved the colors and how they were all matte. I absolutely love this one! It is so easy, has a wide range of neutral browns, and isn't too cool or warm toned. The consistency of these shadows is really soft and creamy, which makes them super easy to blend! I highly recommend this palette and am not sure why I don't see it being talked about more!

I clearly went through a matte shadow phase and that is when I fell in love with this beauty. It has every matte color imaginable for a lover of neutral eyeshadow. The consistency is amazing, the colors are beautiful, and you can really do any look you want. I typically use matte shadows during the daytime, and this lets me switch up my look without doing anything too crazy. If you want a wide variety of matte shadows - this is a great option for getting everything all in one. 

After trying the matte shadow palette from tarte, I knew I needed this palette. it has a mix of matte and shimmer colors that makes for a perfect combination. I love using this at night when I want more shimmery options. Just like the matte palette, it has a great variety of colors and so many possibilities for different looks. The consistency is amazing and I truly can't get enough of this one. It is great for traveling because it truly has a little bit of everything.

This is definitely my most luxury eyeshadow palette. I use it in color 266 Tisse Essentiel which is a wonderful combination of taupey browns. It is so easy to use and with only four colors it leaves little room for guesswork. You can easily do a simple daytime look, but also amp it up for night with a darker color. The shadows are so velvety soft and blend like a dream. I always find myself gravitating towards this one when I don't want to fuss with anything and want something I know will look great!

I definitely have enough eyeshadow to last me a lifetime, but I think it is so fun to switch up the colors I use everyday and try out new palettes. I totally went from not having a single one I liked - to having a bunch! I swear that is always how it happens. 


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