Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Product Roundup: Sephora Finds

Sephora products

A few months back I made some too many impulse purchases when going into Sephora for one or two items. Since then I have been able to give them all a fair try and really decide how I feel about them. Would I re-buy them? Can I never live without this product again? Was it a waste of my money? I figured I would put my curious mind and impulse-buying self to good use and review a random assortment of Sephora finds for y'all.

ONE // Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow
So to be quite honest, this wasn't necessarily an impulse buy. It was just really premature. I always have a creamy nude eyeshadow on hand. At all times. I use bright, nude eyeshadow for so many different purposes, but mostly when I am feeling lazy on work days. I had previously been using one with more of a pinky tone and decided I wanted to switch it up. Instead of waiting to buy it when I ran out, I obviously picked it up right away because patience was never my strong suit. 

On to the actual shadow. I really love it. The color is perfect and would flatter a wide variety of skin tones. The shadow is extremely versatile and can be used to highlight, be worn on its own or used to blend other shadows and make them more natural. MUFE makes very pigmented and smooth shadows - this one being no exception.

This definitely qualifies as one of those products I just am not sure about. I love the way it makes my skin feel when I use it, but I am just so bad about keeping up with products that you only use twice a week or so. If you can remember to use the product as it recommends - then I say you should go for it. This peel is so gentle, yet really effective. It makes my skin feel so soft, fresh and clean. I also love how it doesn't burn or leave my skin red. A definite must for those with sensitive skin wanting to try a peel!

I use a deep conditioning hair mask every Sunday. I love trying new ones and this is the one I picked up on a fateful trip to Sephora. I am a big fan of Drybar and really love the way the products smell. This mask does what it says. It nourishes my hair and makes it feel full of moisture, while not weighing it down. And truly, the smell cannot be beat. I typically use this after I have used a deep cleaning shampoo (I also love the Drybar one) so I can start the week off with fresh hair!

I am going to preface this with the fact that I used Philosophy Purity for probably ten years straight before trying this. I am still very loyal to my Purity but I wanted to give something else a shot for once. I LOVE this face cleanser. It is very similar to Purity as in it is creamy and not very harsh. It cleans my face really well without leaving it stripped. Could I pick a favorite? No, probably not, but I will probably start switching between the two more often. 

I almost always use a cream shadow underneath my powder eye shadow. I usually like to use a cream shadow that matches the colors I am going to use underneath - as opposed to just nude. I had previously been using a limited edition MAC Paint Pot that had seen the end of its road. I went on a long search for the perfect taupey/silver/grey/purple and stumbled upon this one by NARS. I really love the consistency and the fact that it does not budge. It works really well under Urban Decay YDK which is my shadow of choice for a nighttime look. 

Whenever I decide to style my hair I always finish it off with some sort of volume/texture spray. I love the added messy feel it gives. I have tried a bunch and when my last one ran out I picked this one up. I am a huge fan of Living Proof products and have used them for YEARS. This one is pretty good and definitely one I will come back to! It gives the perfect grittiness with just a little volume. 

Normally I wear a liquid lipstick just because I know I won't have to think about it all day, but they can be a little harsh for everyday wear. I love this NARS lip pencil. It is the perfect natural pink color and makes my lips feel moisturized when I wear it. This is one of my go to lip products now. Highly recommend. 

I picked this out as one of my 100 point perks! I had never tried the brand and it was perfect for a trip I went on. I really loved this overnight moisturizer. It was light, yet very nourishing. It made my skin feel amazing when I woke up in the morning. It also didn't irritate my slightly sunburned skin! Major bonus.

So, originally I bought this because I was going through a serious battle with bad skin. I loved using this at night after I washed my face for an extra step. When I used this it made my skin feel so clean because it took off anything my face wash might have missed. It also did help with my skin and getting it to clear up! Now I only use this when I am having breakouts because it can be a little harsh otherwise. 

TEN // Sheet Masks
As usual, I am still loving sheet masks. I just love they way they make my skin feel after using them, even though they can be kind of a hassle to wear. I recently picked up one from Karuna and one from Sephora. They both left my skin feeling incredible and are a great way to treat yourself and show your skin some extra TLC. 

Well this post turned out to be way longer than expected. If you stuck around till the end you deserve a pat on the back. I hope you all find this helpful and maybe try out a product or two!

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