Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Favorite Face Masks

Face masks are one of the best ways to pamper and treat yourself. I absolutely love doing face masks and having a variety to choose from. Having several different ones on hand allows me to pick one for what I want to target each time. I have tried way too many masks over the years and have gathered up the ones I am currently loving to share with you all. 

Each of these masks has a different purpose and I truly see results when I use them. I switch up my masks a lot, so the fact that these are faves means that they are really the cream of the crop. I rounded up ones that each serve different purposes and give different results, so hopefully everyone will be able to find one they like!

ONE // GlamGlow Super-mud Clearing Treatment
I have mentioned this mask before, but it is so great that it needed another shout out. Like I have said, this is definitely a pricier face mask, but worth every penny, in my opinion. It is great at clearing out your pores and really making your skin feel squeaky clean! It also helps knowing that a little goes a long way and this bottle will last a while. I also don't usually put this over my whole face. I typically target my t-zone with this mask since that is where my pores are the largest. If you have larger pores or think your skin needs a deep cleaning, this would be the right mask for you! I also recommend getting this value size option, but Nordstrom also offers the regular size and value packs!

This mask is a miracle worker. I used to have really oily skin, but now I have combo skin and it can get really dry sometimes. I slather this on at night and let it soak in while I sleep and work its magic. When I wake up my face feel moisturized and deeply hydrated. It feels slimy and a little sticky as it dries, but it doesn't bother me because I just wear it while sleeping. I notice that the morning after using this my makeup goes on really smooth as well. If you have dry skin this will be perfect for you!

To say I am addicted to these would be an understatement. Whenever I have to run into Sephora for something I make sure to grab one of these to have on hand. It is so luxurious and gives my skin an instant shot of hydration. I just cannot get over how great it makes my skin feel. I even used this when I was sunburned this summer and it worked miracles on soothing the irritation. This mask is honestly perfect for anyone and I HIGHLY recommend it. A must try!

This mask could easily be compared to a mini facial in a jar. It has the most unique texture and feels very soothing on the skin. It really does have that bouncy texture that really molds to your skin when you apply it. I love using this for a little pick-me-up when I want a little extra glow and radiance. It makes your skin feel very comfortable and refreshed. If your skin is feeling a little dull and needs a boost this would be perfect!

This mask was one of the first pore-cleaning masks I ever used and I still love it. It is a peel-off mask so it really pulls out all the gunk and grime from your pores. This would be a great option if you have more sensitive skin because it is not as harsh as the GlamGlow mask. I am a huge fan of peel-off masks and this is definitely one of the best. I think this mask is also to blame for helping even out the texture on my skin! This is also great used as a spot treatment!

These are such fun little pods that are a great way to try out new masks. They are also a pretty inexpensive option for a high-quality product. I get two uses out of each pod and love being able to try out all the different ones. They are all targeted at different needs and really deliver on the results. My favorites are the Nourishing and Balancing, Toning and Firming, and Perfecting and Brightening. Another thing I love about these is how easy they are to travel with. My skin always needs a little extra TLC when I travel and these allow me to do that without bringing a whole jar or bottle along. 

I am always trying new masks and finding ones I love (and sadly ones that I don't). I can say that these masks will always be in rotation, they are that good!

Now go treat yourself to a little TLC!

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