Thursday, June 23, 2016

Morning Skincare Routine

In the mornings I like to keep my skincare routine pretty minimalistic and simple. Not only does this save me time in the mornings, but I also don't want to pile on a bunch of products before makeup or just heading out the door for the day. These are mostly products that I have used for a long time and always seem to come back to. They are effortless and get the job done! I am going to go through step by step what I do and give a little review of each product.

STEP 1 // Wash My Face
I ALWAYS was my face in the mornings no matter what. I can't stand going throughout my day without washing my face. I use the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser. I have been using this cleanser for well over 5 years and absolutely love it. It is very creamy and leaves my face feeling clean, but not dry or tight. It gets off any excess oil from that night before and creates the perfect base for the rest of my products. It also has a really light scent and has never irritated my skin. 

STEP 2 // Tone
After washing my face, I use a toner. I haven't had the chance to try a bunch of different ones, but really love the Origins United State Balancing Tonic. I didn't want my toner to be too harsh on my skin, so I thought this would be the perfect option. It makes my skin feel extra clean after washing and really does balance out my combo skin. I also love the cooling feeling it has when using it. Definitely wakes me up in the mornings. If you are looking for a non-harsh toner, this one is definitely for you.

STEP 3 // Moisturize
This is definitely one of the most important steps in my skincare routine. I can't put on makeup or go about my day without using moisturizer. I am in love with the Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer. It is literally the perfect moisturizer (aside from the price tag). This leaves my skin feeling supple and moisturized, without feeling greasy or as though the product is sitting on my skin. It does come at a hefty price tag, but is really worth every penny. I always invest in the larger size because it is a better deal. It also has a pump on top which keeps the product fresh and free of germs. LOVE IT.

STEP 4 // Eye Cream
After I am done applying my moisturizer, I apply a light eye cream. I have been using the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy for at least a year now. It is the perfect morning eye cream. It has a metal applicator that cools and de-puffs the under-eye area. It really helps with circulation and making the eyes look awake. The cream also has a slight brightening tint to it, which really makes it look like though you got 10 hours of sleep. I don't like using anything heavy in the mornings, so this is perfect. I also can throw this on for a day without makeup and not feel as though I look like a zombie.

STEP 5 // Lip Balm
The Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment is incredible. It makes my lips feel extremely nourished and soft. I also like how my lips still feel moisturized for a while after applying. Some lip balms only work for like 20 minutes and then I feel like I need to reapply. I love applying this balm in the morning because it either preps my lips for lipstick later on or just allows them to feel comfortable throughout the day. I always have one of these on hand.

STEP 6 // Facial Spray
My last step, albeit one I don't do every single day, is using a facial spray. This Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water is a great option. I recently did a post on my three favorite facial sprays, and this one was in the mix. It is the perfect one for morning time because the citrus scent is really awakening. I also love this for a quick shot of moisture before I head out the door or if I wait a while before applying makeup. It is a definite pick me up and a totally fun skincare addition. 

What does your morning skincare routine consist of?

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