Thursday, March 31, 2016

Current Favorite Skincare Products

After a long, long break I have decided I need to start blogging again. I am starting off with my current skincare favorites. I have been absolutely obsessed with all things skincare lately. I just can't get enough. Once you start seeing results it is kind of addicting. I have been really into trying all types of new products and working them into my routine. I personally see the best results when I switch it up and adjust my routine to my needs each day. This means I have tried a lot of products and I can tell you these are some of the best I have tried recently. Trust me though, there are more. Maybe another post will have to come in the future! 

Before I get into the products, I just want to fill you in on my skin type. I think that will be helpful when deciding what will work best for you! I have very combination skin. I have an oily t-zone and am drier everywhere else. My skin also changes very often. One day it will be dry and the next perfectly comfortable. This means I really have to have a variety of products to meet my needs. I also have blackheads around my nose area and larger pores on my cheeks. I rarely breakout and when I do it is typically hormonal. That is pretty much the quick run-down! Now let's get into the products!

ONE // Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
This stuff is incredible. I use it at night underneath my night-time moisturizer. It deeply nourishes my skin and I always wake up feeling glowy and as if my skin is fresh after a facial. I never thought of using a serum product before, but now I have to use one every single day. It really makes a difference and elevates my entire skincare routine.

TWO // belif The True Cream - moisturizing bomb
I was a religious user of the Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer. I still love that one, but when I ran out I decided to pick up this belif one after using a sample. I love it. It is definitely a little heavier than the Kate Somerville but I can still use it in the morning before makeup and have no problem. It definitely keeps my face moisturized all day long. It would also work great at night too. 

THREE // Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins
Let me preface this by saying I have used A TON of night-time moisturizers. Plenty to know when I see a good one. This is definitely one of the best. I had two deluxe samples of it that lasted me forever and I am going to buy the full-size product. That is saying something in my book. This product is incredible and really moisturizing for at night. I sleep with a fan on and this product ensures I will not have dry skin when I wake up. I also love the overnight mask from Origins and work that in from time to time. Origins has been so great for me in the skincare game lately.

FOUR // Sheet Masks
All of them. I do not discriminate. My favorite are definitely Dr. Jart and boscia, but I will try any of them and have loved them all. I think these are the best, non-fuss way to pamper yourself. I have been traveling a lot lately and these are so easy to bring with me when my skin needs a little extra TLC on the go. I like how I can get a variety of masks for different needs and pick which one I want to use each time. These definitely are a favorite way I treat myself a few times a week.

FIVE // boscia peel-off masks
Along with sheet masks, I like to mix in traditional wash-off or peel-off masks. I tend to lean towards peel-off masks because they are a little easier. I find myself having to scrub my face with a lot of clay masks. I have really been loving the boscia peel-off masks. My favorite is the black one for pores. I am going to try the green oil control one next because the humidity has been causing my a little shininess. These are so nice and really work. I always have the freshest skin after using one. 

SIX // Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
I found myself breaking out a little this month due to poor food choices and hormones. I rarely ever break out so once I feel one coming I like to do all I can to get rid of it ASAP! I love this stuff because it isn't very expensive, lasts forever, and works like a charm. I put it on zits when I am just hanging around and have some spare time and before bed. I alway notice the spot is significantly better, if not gone, by morning. I highly recommend this for spot treatment!

SEVEN // First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum
Lastly, is this great gel serum. At first I was so shocked when I pumped it out and it was a gel. I decided to give it a shot and love it. It is very light-weight but extremely effective. It keeps my skin hydrated without the heaviness of an oil-based serum. I like using this in the morning when my skin needs a little more love or at night when I don't need something very heavy. It is great and awesome for travel as well. 

I hope you all get the chance to try some of these incredible products out in the near future! Soon I will give a run-down of my morning and night skincare routines! I think those are fun and super helpful when really wanting to nail down a routine. What skincare products have you been loving?

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