Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back to School

I sit here writing this the day after my last first day of school. The year has begun and I am officially a senior. Those are probably some of the scariest words to me at the moment. I constantly have so many different emotions and thoughts about the year to come. I thought I would go ahead and share some of those with you all!
Holy Cow, I Feel Old
Let me preface this by saying that I am very young for a senior. As most of my friends are already 21 and almost 22, I am still 20. I never thought that I would feel old, but I do. I live in a sorority house with majority sophomores. This means I have two years on them. So plain and simple. I feel old.
What the heck do I do next?
Ever since the year began (like two days ago). I can't stop thinking about what I should be doing after college. Do I want to go into the work world and get a job? Do I want to go to graduate school? Who knows? It is scary having to make that choice and start working towards a goal, but I know it must be done. Hopefully I get some clarity soon.
Honestly, sometimes it is just plan sad. Thinking about how such an incredible chapter in my life is coming to an end. Thinking about how everything now is the last time. It is so sad. I love college and have been blessed to have had such an incredible experience. Thinking about it ending is so hard. 
Not gonna lie, it is pretty exciting to be a senior as well. My friends and I are cherishing every moment and taking advantage of every opportunity. Also, we get to sit on the couches at chapter this year and that is pretty awesome. It is fun and exciting to think about all the awesome times to come this year!

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