Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekly Round-up

This past week was not super exciting, but hey, just keeping it real over here! 
Last weekend was the Fourth of July, which was fun! On Saturday night my parents and I went to the Baltimore Inner Harbor for dinner and fireworks. It was really nice to walk around, but sadly we couldn't see all the fireworks from where we were standing. Oh well! Then on Sunday (cause why not celebrate independence every day) my family hosted a cookout! It was so fun, and after we went to fireworks at the country club we belong to. They were some of the best I had seen in a long time.
The week then consisted of the gym, pool, and some dinners with family and friends. Nothing too exciting, but enough to keep me entertained. Here are a few pictures to sum up my week!

The first few are from the Fourth of July weekend festivities with my family. The donut pictures are from when my Dad and I ventured to Krispy Kreme in honor of their 78th anniversary. We clearly had to celebrate with a proper two dozen. The last is just a picture of one of my breakfasts this week that I thought looked good!

The Round-up

ONE // The Skimm
I have been reading the skim for well over a year. I absolutely love it. I usually read it on my way to class or in bed when I wake up. It keeps me up to date on all the news, says everything in easy to understand language, and is always quick and to the point with a little humor. With all the big things happen in national and world news lately, I have really loved keeping up every morning. Highly recommend.

TWO // Americans Guess What 100 Calories Looks Like
I love Buzzed videos, and this one was very interesting and informational. I was so shocked to see how much some things actually are. As I am trying to get back in shape and eat healthy, portion control is a huge part of that. I thought this was very fitting at how we usually over-estimate portions.

Lately, I have really been into editing photos. I think ever since my trip to Europe, I have loved just editing random pictures I took abroad. This app is so easy to use and has so many different options. I am also {slightly} ashamed to say that I even purchased some more filters to add to my collection. If you are looking for a good editing app for you phone, this is it. I also really prefer using it on my iPad to see better!

FOUR // Online Shopping
I. Can't. Stop. With all the sales this past weekend it made it so easy to just want to buy everything. I obviously didn't do that, but I definitely found a few great things! Bauble Bar has been a long-time favorite and I found a few great staple pieces there. Like this and this. I also found a great deal on a Rebecca Minkoff bag on Amazon! It is such a fun color for summer!

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